The Push Up

Let’s face it; we all know what a basic push up is. However if you don’t, the question you should be asking yourself is, why? The basic push up is a fantastic bodyweight exercise not only because you can do it anywhere, but that it also works your chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and finally your core muscle groups.

The basic push up can be performed in many different ways, but most commonly it’s categorised as ‘men’s push ups’ or ‘female box push ups’ which is easier. As a trainer I do not necessarily agree with these definitions because it depends on how much upper body strength you have, as many men cannot even do ordinary push ups compared to some women.

 So as a little tip when you train; don’t sell yourself short and go for the easier box push up. Just try the full push up and maybe you will surprise yourself. If you find the full push up hard than start off with the box push up with your knees on the floor.

Normal Push Up                                                                                     Box Push Ups



  Tyrone’s Challenge

 How many full push ups can you do in a minute???

 Final Tip: Add the push up in your chest workout to failure at the end of every chest exercise to get that well earned pump.


Written By Tyrone Irons-Reid


About tyronereid

I am a qualified specialist Personal Trainer with over 10 years experience in my field. My experience as a Personal Trainer over the years has enabled me to gain knowledge in many areas that can assist my clients in achieving their goals, whether it is to lose weight, learn how to box, build muscle tone and strength or improve cardiovascular fitness. Most importantly my expertise are the personal relationships I have with my clients to improve their fitness goals but I also focus on the psychological aspect of training which I feels is vital in seeing successful long term results.
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